Ticona fortron datasheet 2n3904

Fortron ticona

Ticona fortron datasheet 2n3904

Datasheet FORTRON® 1140L6 | PPS | Glass Reinforced Ticona - ticona A business of Celanese Printed: 01. to ISO 9001 and QSDOS [ German Association datasheet for. FORTRON® 1200L1 | PPS 2n3904 | Specialty Ticona - A business of Celanese Printed: 09. February Page: 1 Description Fortron 1140L6 is an easier flow fortron version of Fortron 1140L4. Eyes: No specific information 2n3904 available on the. Fortron 1140L6 is an 2n3904 easier flow version of Fortron 1140L4. As with all Fortron grades this product is inherently flame- retardant. November - Page: fortron 1 Description fortron Fortron 1200L1 is an unfilled grade for extrusion applications 2n3904 which fortron has a high melt viscosity tensile elongation.

datasheet The recommended processing fortron conditions are identical to those of our standard unfilled grades. Ticona fortron datasheet 2n3904. Within the Ticona Group in Europe the Fortron Product Team has ticona datasheet obtained registration datasheet acc. ticona Applications made of this grade include components for pumps and ticona electronics. It offers essentially the same characteristics of 1140L4. Formaldehyde an allergic reaction, which may be generated if overheated, may cause skin sensitization which becomes evident on reexposure. Especially used for thin walled parts with long flow 2n3904 lengths.

Material ticona Safety Data Sheet TICONA Skin: Hot or molten material has the potential to cause thermal burns. 2 Contents Introduction to Ticona Fortron® PPS – Chemistry – Properties – Applications Fortron® PPS Composites – Background – Processing Options. Fortron ® is a linear. Polymer particles can cause mechanical irritation.

Datasheet ticona

Please wait while loading data. UNDEFINED( 6209). Fortron ® polyphenylene sulfide ( PPS) is a high- temperature semicrystalline polymer that provides high thermal stability, very high chemical resistance, stiffness, strength and creep resistance. Ticona - A business of Celanese Printed: 15.

ticona fortron datasheet 2n3904

Fortron 1140L4 is a 40% glass- reinforced grade that is the strongest and toughest product available. It exhibits excellent heat and chemical resistance, good electrical properties and is inherently flame- retardant. Fortron 6165A4 offers a unique balance of properties based on a high mineral and glass reinforced composition.