C3 sheet explosives

Sheet explosives

C3 sheet explosives

( 250gr/ ft all sheet the c3 way up to 3600gr/ ft). Omni Distribution, Inc. Sheet Explosives > Detasheet Flex- X, Sheetex > Inert Simulants > Military Flex- X Commercial Detasheet. HE- C4- M112- 10 C4 Plastic Explosives FEIN No: HE- SEC1. be hardened by detonating the flexible sheet in contact with the metal surface. The unfortunate drawback to Detasheet C is its expense compared to standard explosives. Copper Linear Shaped Charges.

Sheet Explosive, C- 1 Sheet PETN. It is detonated with a blasting cap or primercord. MILITARY FLEX- X AND COMMERCIAL DETASHEET Product Code: ITA- 6FLX Sheet Explosive: Flex- X Description: Inert 5 Gram sample set two. Plastic explosives are especially suited for explosive demolition. Sheet Explosive, C- 1 Sheet PETN REQUEST FOR QUOTE Add to cart;.

The charge comes in a U- shaped case, with an internal V- shaped liner to form a shaped charge with a built- in standoff for maximum effect. Would you like additional information about products in this category or perhaps a PDF catalog of our many products? Common plastic explosives include Semtex and C- 4. Simulates “ detasheet” Flex- c3 X, Sheetex explosives. Explosive joining and forming c3 of metals can also be accomplished with PRIMASHEET®. 5 C3, C8) We stock both PETN , C4, C6, C5, C2 c3 RDX Sheet. Sheet Explosive, C- 3 PETN. MILITARY FLEX- X military Flex- X , COMMERCIAL DETASHEET Product Code: ITA- 6FLX Sheet Explosive: Flex- X Description: Inert 5 Gram sample set two c3 small strips commercial detasheet. Available for purchase in box or pound quantities. - C- 4 plastic explosives combine explosive chemicals with a plastic binder material. Explosives Products federal law enforcement agencies, Services supporting local commercial contractors. You can call us ator c3 fill out the form below and we will contact you. sheet REQUEST FOR QUOTE. ammunition explosives with a physical. C2 explosive synonyms C2 c3 c3 explosive pronunciation, C2 explosive translation English dictionary definition of C2 explosive. of c3 explosives is a result of careful planning and observance of the best known practices.

The data below is for a 1x1- meter sheet. ( 250gr/ ft all the way up to 3600gr/ ft) This product is specialized for Military SF use. 1 Cleared for Open Publication by the Office of Security Review, Department of Defense 05/ 03/ 16- S- 1761 MSDS No: MSDSD11069/ 1. Detonation Cord Telephone: DCft. Explosive NonFrag Linear.

Detasheet is a flexible rubberized explosive c3 somewhat similar to plastic explosives originally manufactured by DuPont. Find out how C- 4 plastic explosives are manufactured. C3 Acid low risk C4 Alkali low risk. Box 69 HE- SEC- 2 Sheet Explosives Zip Code: Marion, Arkansas 72364 HE- SE 125- C3 Sheet Explosives Contact: Teresa Bradley DCft. SHEET EXPLOSIVE ( C1, C1. 5 Sheet Explosives Address: P. Plastic explosive is a soft and hand- moldable solid form of explosive material.

Its ingredients are PETN with nitrocellulose and a binder. c3 It is a very stable explosive product heat, , pressure, insensitive to small- arms fire, water simple concussion. C3 sheet explosives. Within the field of c3 explosives engineering, plastic explosives are also known as putty explosives. sheet A moldable doughlike explosive substance that can be detonated by fuse electrical impulse often used sheet in making bombs.

Detects solid smaller emerging threats such as home- made explosives Improved Passenger c3 Convenience Eliminates divesting of liquids , sheet explosives , liquid, electronics allowing passengers to save time use less trays. Plastic explosive is a soft and hand moldable solid form of explosive material. The primary difference between the Mod 0 with C3 being used for the Mod 0 , Mod 1 are the explosives used in the charge C4 used in the Mod 1. C3 sheet explosives. Controlled Inventory Item Code Data Element Number: 1013.

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Find Data Sheet Explosives related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Data Sheet Explosives information. Back to Plastic Bonded Explosives Simulants Page:. Deta Sheet ( Detonation Sheet) PROPERTIES: Visual compatibility. Tactile compatibility. CT# compatibility.

c3 sheet explosives

Zeffective compatibility. Colors white, gray, black, olive green, pink,.